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Canned Fish from Finnish Lakes

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Our tasty canned fish selection offers memorable gastronomic moments.
Selection includes many varieties and species.

Our canned fish products are an excellent choice for many situations, because you can keep the cans in a room temperature a long time before opening.

Smoked Roach of Kitkan Herkku
Smoked Vendace in Oil of Kitkan Herkku
Smoked Perch of Kitkan Herkku
Smoked Vendace of Kitkan Herkku
Whitefish of Kitkan Herkku
Rainbow Trout of Kitkan Herkku

Delicious Recipes

Fish from clean Finnish lakes is delicious and healthy


Discover Our Products

We offer local, high-quality fish products made of the finest materials of our clean lakes


Kitkan Herkku Ltd

20 years of fish trading experience assures the best quality and professional skills


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