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Fish from clean waters of Kuusamo

Kitkan Herkku ltd - Company

Kitkan Herkku Lp was founded in Kuusamo 1995. First the business was concentrated only for canned fish, marinades and frozen products. Buying and selling fish from local lakes was then and is also nowadays the crucial part of the business.

Expansion of the business

Our business has been expanding constantly and in 2011 we decided to change the company form from limited partnership to limited company. Our partners are Koillis-Suomen Lohi Ltd and Varisjoen Lohi Ltd in Kuusamo and Arvo Kokkonen Ltd in Helsinki. Our partners have experience of fish farming and trading for many decades. At the same time when we changed our company form we moved to new facilities located in the Industrial area of Kuusamo town.

New Facilities

Our new facilities were built during the year 2011. The Fish House in Kuusamo is one of the most modern facilities in this area and it will fulfill the highest hygiene, cooling and energy standards. Modern equipment allows us to prepare almost anything from fish. Because of that we can also guarantee the best quality for our clients.    

The fish used in our production is gathered by professionals from extremely clean lakes of Kuusamo & North-East of Finland. Our business is based on fully sustainable fish stock and ecological production procedures.