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Fish from clean waters of Kuusamo


Fish processing is our passion and we want to do the best of it. In our work we use the most modern equipment without forgetting the traditions and experience collected during the years. All our processing methods maintain the highest hygiene and quality standards. During the season we employ 6 people directly and many others indirectly (fishermen etc.) All the fish we process are from sustainable fish stock and we always consider the environmental matters in our actions.

High Quality & Purity

Our vision is to make high quality products from the fish of our crystal clear lakes. Instead of huge masses we put the weight for quality and sustainability.

Delivery Accuracy

What we promise, that we keep! Where ever you are, we will find the solution. 
Our new capacity & cooling system allows us to keep more backup storage for
the period the ice is not thick enough for fishing in winter.

Our Strengths

quality icon High Quality

production icon Modern Facilities

storage icon Modern Cooling Systems

raw material icon Excellent Materials

delivery icon Delivery Accuracy

development icon Innovative & Creative Thinking

The fish used in our production is gathered by professionals from extremely clean lakes of Kuusamo & North-East of Finland. Our business is based on fully sustainable fish stock and ecological production procedures.